Braided Knot Cushion Pillow Crib Bumper

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These soft, beautifully braided crib bumpers are made from premium 100% hypoallergenic materials. The crib bumper protects your baby's hands and feet from getting stuck between crib spindles, and it also protects the baby's head and body from hitting and bruising against the crib walls. The bumper allows for increased air flow into and out of the crib compared with standard bumpers. With many colours to choose from, it will surely match your nursery decor!

The braided crib bumpers can also be used as tummy time support or decorative pillows.

Materials: All braids are made with high quality cotton blend fabric and 100% premium hypoallergenic polyester filling.

Care Instructions: All braided bumpers can be easily spot cleaned or machine washed in low temperature on gentle cycle.

Recommendations for Infant Sleep Safety: To prevent entanglement or strangulation, position ties outside of crib and be sure they are secure. Remove bumper when child can sit up unaided or can pull to a standing position. To prevent suffocation, do not put any pillow in a crib or near an area where an infant may sleep. Pillows are a decorative item only and are not intended for an infant’s use.



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